The Math Mill

The Math Mill is an innovative teaching aid designed by Izabela Żukowska and Urszula Dąbrowska who are both experienced teachers and animators. Games with the Math Mill will help kindergarten teachers to accomplish the curriculum in an interesting way while having fun.

The Math Mill is a great teaching aid for kindergarten and preschool teachers. It helps to teach Math through play and supports the development of the mind.

While playing games with the Math Mill the children will gain body awareness and spatial awareness, they will learn rhymes and find out how to design games. We teach the children to count, add, subtract and measure. We introduce them to the world of geometry. With the aid of the Math Mill we also work on their coordination, balance and fine motor skills. We engage visual stimuli, sense of touch and movement. Such active methods are suitable for smaller as well as for bigger kindergarten groups.

An important quality of the Math Mill is that it allows to combine teaching Math with different kinds of active games, which can be played in – and outdoors.

The colorful Math Mill stimulates children on different levels: it ignites their imagination, allows to live emotions and to release energy. It teaches children to work together as a group. It allows them to express themselves and to relief tensions. Above all it is simply fun. It makes Math easy!

The Math Mill is legally protected intellectual property. It was registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office EUIPO under the number 007694393.